Phil Thomas



Phil began his career as a tax attorney at Ernst & Young and then became a corporate attorney at a major insurance company where he specialized in corporate tax planning, employee benefits, M&A transactions and internal startups. Two of those startups are now publicly traded companies.

He has broad experience as an entrepreneur and as an owner/operator of several businesses. He is also an experienced entrepreneur having co-founded a company that was recently sold for $1.8 billion dollars. He also is the founder of an oil and gas exploration company and manages a small investment fund. He has also made several angel investments in technology companies.

Phil spent 14 years with Advantage Capital Partners where he was not only a venture capitalist, but also promoted economic development by helping pass legislation that created over $5 billion of funding for small businesses.

Mr. Thomas holds a bachelor's degree in finance from Eastern Illinois University and a Juris Doctorate from Saint Louis University. In addition, he holds the Master FLMI designation and holds a commercial pilot license.