Scott Zajac

Chief Executive Officer


Scott has over 25 years of experience in principal investing (private equity, venture capital and lending), structured finance and creating high grade products for institutional investors. Scott started his career managing a securitization group at Citicorp and structured and sold over $30 billion of AAA rated mortgage and asset backed securities.

In 1992, Scott joined AG Edwards, where he developed and managed an asset backed financing and trading group structuring over $3 billion in AAA rated products. Scott also underwrote the first FHLMC/GNMA securities issued by a non-New York based investment firm. In 1997, Scott joined Advantage Capital as the third partner where he funded over 500 businesses and raised over $1.6 billion from insurance companies and banks using highly rated securities, tax credit structures and commercial loans.

In 2004, Scott formed Rockwood as a platform and holding company for his Advantage Capital holdings and other activities. Scott is a 2011 graduate of the Stanford Executive Program (SEP). Scott holds an MS from the Washington University School of Engineering, and MBA from St. Louis University and Baccalaureate degrees with honors from Truman State University and the University of Missouri.